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Concrete Floors

I got an email the other day and thought I would share the answer publicly here on the website.  One of our visitors asked when it was ok to start pouring concrete in the spring time.  Here in Northern Michigan we still have snow on the ground in March and April but some projects can… Read More

Pole barns in Michigan are an affordable option mostly due to the need for a frost free foundation in our Building Code requirements. In warmers climates you can build a garage or out building using a slab on grade technique, but that isn't so in Michigan. People ask me how much pole buildings cost in… Read More

I've poured and finished a lot of pole barn floors around central michigan and they are one of my favorite projects.  While I would want to pour a pole barn floor everyday they are a fun project that usually only last one or two days.  It's nice to actually see what you've accomplished at the… Read More