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Stone Foundation Repair

It's been a great winter so far this year and we've been busier than ever over the last few months repairing old Michigan basements which are typically built with stone walls.  We've been to Iron Mountain in the Upper Peninsula, Fenton, Grand Blanc, Owosso, and few projects on south west Michigan as well.  Many of… Read More

"Michigan Basement" is a term used for stone basements oftentimes found in the State of Michigan.  Many times these old basements have a dirt floor and lower than normal ceiling height compared to the modern basement.  Many of the Michigan basements we've done stone restoration work on do have concrete floors that have been added… Read More

Supply and demand affects most every business whether it be a manufacturing business or a service business.  I've been doing stone foundation repairs on old Michigan basements and barns for many years and each year the trend has remained the same as far as when people want them done.  Around the middle of May each… Read More

Many of the foundation repairs I do are on stone basements of older farm houses, but over the last 15 years or so I've worked on just about any project you can think of.  In this article I'm going to share some of the costs of foundation repairs I've encountered.  I like doing interesting and… Read More

Many of the field stone foundations we work on throughout Michigan have the same common problem which is crumbling mortar joints between the stones.  Often times there are other issues that are project specific, but the degradation of the mortar joints is pretty common regardless of the other items homeowner want us repair.  There are… Read More

Repairing stone foundations on houses and barns seems to be the most popular in the spring here in Michigan.  While it can be a challenge to repair exterior stone during the cold winter months, doing interior work goes well during the winter.  I can't speak for all stone foundation contractors but I offer a better… Read More

We still have thousands of big red barns across the countyside here in Michigan and many of those barns are sitting on field stone foundations that need repaired. If you have a problem with your stone foundation on your barn and your walls need fixed, get in touch. If you have questions maybe I can… Read More