Field Stone Fireplaces and Outdoor Stone Grills

Outdoor Field Stone Fireplace

Outdoor Field Stone Fireplace

Field stone is probably one of my favorite masonry elements to work with because it offers a truly unique one of a kind look and it lasts forever, literally.  I wanted to share some of the ways you can use real natural stone on your property and outdoor stone fireplaces is on of the best places to use it. It’s both beautiful and functional and I think it focuses attention on the quality of the time you spend outdoors.  Cooking dinner on an outdoor field stone fireplace just adds to the already wonderful idea of preparing a good meal over a real fire.  There are many different ways to make the area around the natural stone fireplace or bonfire pit but I recommend starting with the stone structure and making it the focal point of that area of your yard.

We also do real natural stone outdoor fire rings that extend above the ground a couple feet so they offer some safety if you have children.  I’m currently working on a way to build these here at our farm and then simply install them on site, but for now we custom build them right at your site. If you are interested in getting an outdoor field stone fireplace built you can get a quote right now by visiting our “Get a Quote” page.

You may have seen a natural stone fireplaceincorporated into a stone grotto looking wall that typically follows a slow arch that forms a semi circle, this design is a great way to produce a warm area for socializing in the seasons that are not quite warm enough.  These projects are also my favorite because they are fun and the design of structure is a blast.  Many time we can use some stone you may have right on your property in use it in significant locations.  Incorporating an outdoor grill into your stone structure is an option and some folks like to simply have a nook designated for a more modern propane grill, but you can do both.  You can even

Natural Stone Fireplace Outdoors

Natural Stone Outdoor Fireplace

make an outdoor stone oven and build that into the mix.

Outdoor Natural Stone Fireplaces and Landscaping Ideas

Outdoor stone structures, as I call them, aren’t buildings and they aren’t really landscape elements either.  In some ways they are both.  You can put a small roof over and area that is defined by natural stone and offers an outdoor stone fireplace but you don’t have too.  Real field stone offers a unique setting in a variety of areas and I like them best when they are near water or built into a slope.  A natural stone wall can easily be incorporated into any landscape ideas and you don’t need a large wall or a big area of stone to really set an area off.

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