Getting Damp or Wet Crawl Space or Basement Fixed in Michigan

Fix a Damp Crawl Space

Notice the Interior Tile for Drainage

A damp crawl space wouldn’t be much of a problem is it weren’t for the smell and the possible growth of mold that often occurs with a wet or damp crawl space.  Getting a wet crawl space problem fixed really isn’t too big of a deal and it doesn’t take long at all.  Wet basements can be a different story but often times fixing a wet basement is a simple fix as well.  The first step to addressing the problem is to figure out where the water is coming from and this pretty much dictates the how extensive the repairs will be.  Many of the wet crawl space foundations I’ve fixed were more of a seasonal problem than anything and were usually only wet in the spring time here in Michigan or during periods of heavy rain.

Why is My Crawl Space Wet?

This is the first question to answer.  If there has been some building in your area in the last few years this can affect ground water and how it moves.   Many times a wet crawl space is a surface water problem and these can be some of the easiest to fix.  One of the most common ways we’ve dealt with surface water causing a wet crawl space is to simply install a perimeter tile around the interior of the footer inside the crawlspace.  We then route that into a sump crock where the water is pumped out below the grade elevatio wetn in your crawl space.  We also like to spray a water mixed with bleach solution to kill any mold that might be growing within your floor joists beneath the floor of your home.  Another reason some crawl spaces can become is a change in the water table.  This is a ground water issue and sometimes the volume of water may be more but the same technique can often times fix the problem.

Fixing a Wet Basement

I’ve worked on several wet basements in Michigan and the perimeter tile is usually at least part of the solution to fixing a damp basement.  Obviously most basements have a concrete floor and this presents a more complicated approach to repairing the problem as a strip of the floor is usually removed in order to install the tile.  Using a waterproof or damp proof coating on the inside of the basement wall can also be done quite easily especially if the basement is unfinished.  A sump crock can be installed and the perimeter tile ran into the crock.  In a basement the sump crock may be able to be connected to the exterior tile if a pumping or drainage system is already in place.

Other Ways to Fix a Wet Crawl Space or Basement

Often times installing gutters on your roof line can help to reduce the water that goes into your crawl space or basement.  This is an inexpensive way to alleviate many wet foundations.  Another common problem is the grade of the dirt or lawn around the building.  The exterior grade around your foundation should have slope away from the building, this may seem like common sense but it is often a problem.  In some instances the foundation may need to be excavated and a foundation waterproof-er applied.  Foundation waterproofing can consist of a tar like coating or an actual membrane, sometimes both.

If you have a wet crawl space or basement and want to know your options, get in touch and maybe I can help.

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