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Michigan Pole Building Constuction

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I help Michigan residents get a good price on a pole barn building without settling on poor quality materials and components by working directly with manufactures of building supplies and construction components like window, doors, vinyl siding, and shingles.  Anyone can offer a “cheap” price on a pole building package if they simply quote poor quality materials, but you’ll regret spending money on poor quality building components and thin gage steel.  Your building may look good for a few years, but rest assured, signs of cutting corners come quickly.  Pole barns in Michigan are used for a variety of practical applications like:

  • Storage for recreational vehicles like boats, ATV’s, and Motorcycles.
  • Agriculture uses like horse boarding, hay storage, and work shops.
  • Garages for parking cars and RV’s.

Pole barn buildings are popular as they are easy to customize and match to existing structures well.  You can use vinyl siding, or steel and on the roof you can use shingles or steel.  It’s fairly simple to match existing buildings if that is important to you.  Pole barn construction tends to be one of the most economical ways to build especially in cold weather climates like Michigan where a frost free foundation requirement is part of the building code.  If you have a pole building in mind and want to determine the cost of the pole barn package or would like a complete quote on getting a pole barn built just fill out the online form below and I’ll provide you with a no cost, no obligation quote so you know what the cost of your building are.  I can also help you make decisions on locating the building on your property and offer suggestions on size that will accommodate your plans for the building.

Pole Barn Packages and Kits

You’ll save money by purchasing a pole barn package instead of going to your lumber store and purchasing all the materials separately.  If you choose to purchase one of our pole barn packages you’ll also get a better warranty and higher quality steel and components.  I’ll share the details when you request a quote.  We provide quality windows and doors and that is important because these are often times the elements of the building that some companies skimp on.  You want your building to be secure and the windows and doors need to last throughout the life of the building.  When you request a quote for  a pole building package we can often times have a quote ready within a day or two instead of waiting a week or more.  I can also provide you with a complete pole barn construction quote including site preparation, concrete floor, concrete apron, gutters, and more. You can also call me directly. My number is listed at the top right of this website.


Michigan Pole Barn Construction Quote

If you want a complete quote to have a pole building built here in Michigan just fill out the form and I’ll be in touch to get some information from you.  I’ll want to know things like when you’re thinking of building, the size of building your interested in, what the main uses will be, if you want a steel of vinyl clad building and if you’d like shingles or steel on your roof.  Again I can usually get this quote back within a day or so, many times it’s just an hour or two.  I’ll also provide the specs for your building proposal, remember the devil is in the details and there is a huge range of quality standards in the market place when it comes to pole barn building materials some of these include:  Gauge of steel, steel paint process, fasteners, windows, doors,lumber, truss plan.  Again we use some of the highest quality building components on the market today so your building will last and our business can grow. It’s that simple.  Fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch to discuss your building plans and get started on your pole barn quote.

Get a Quote to Build a Pole Building

Fill out the form below for a no cost quote to build a complete pole barn building.  This quote will include the pole barn package, the labor to build the building, and the materials and labor to install a concrete floor in your pole building.  We can discuss all the details.  NOTE:  In the message are leave the best time to call and what area of Michigan the proposed pole building will be constructed.

Pole Building Construction

Michigan Pole Barn Package or Pole Building Kit Quote

Fill out the form if you would like us to quote a pole barn package for you.   This form is for the package only and is for people who will build their own building or have a contractor in mind who will be building it for them.  Also if you are a contractor we welcome your requests as well. NOTE: in the message area provide the rough size of the pole building you have in mind, I’ll get the other details I need when I call.  Please leave the best time to call in the message area as well.