Products and Masonry Restoration Services for Stone~Brick~Concrete

Not everything that might need replaced or repaired falls into a simple category.  If it involves concrete, stone, or brick I would likely be willing to build or fix it. I wanted to share some of the most common projects I work on so you have a better idea if I might be the guy to take a look at your project.  I’m open to any project really, regardless of where it’s located.  I don’t accept every project I’m asked to do, but I look into most every one.  Most of the restoration work I do is in Michigan, but If it seems like a fun or challenging project I’m always open to travel further.  I live in Central Michigan in a small town called Clare.  Most of the work we do seems to be in southeastern or southwestern Michigan within a couple hours of my home.  I typically just stay in a hotel while I’m doing the project, they usually only take a few days. We offer free estimates for restoration services

Masonry Restoration Services We offer

Here are some of the most common restoration projects I find myself doing:

Stone Foundation Repair: These projects are interior and exterior and usually seem to be old Michigan Basements.  Mortar joints rot and crumble away over time and it’s better to get those fixed before the wall starts to come down.  Most of these repairs are structural and done to maintain the integrity of the foundation.  Sometimes mortar joints will be missing all together and you can see light through the wall, no worries, just about any stone wall can be fixed.

Brick Restoration:  Most of these projects are old farm houses whose bricks are crumbling in spots or the mortar joints are rotten and falling out.  These projects are simple but sometimes tedious.  The basic procedure is to cut out old mortar joints and re-tuck new mortar into the wall.  These projects are typically structurally important as well as cosmetically.  We try to maintain the look of the existing brick so the finished project looks natural and well maintained.

Concrete Step Repair:  Many old houses have concrete porches or concrete steps that have settled and are un-level.  We have a couple different approaches to fix these that are both cost effective and last a long time.  Sometimes these old steps need torn out and hauled away, we can do that too.

Basement Window Repair or Replacement:  Several projects we encounter need the basement windows repaired or replaced.  We can build glass block windows, install pre made windows or sometimes repair the old ones.

Concrete or Masonry Cleaning:  We can also clean concrete, block, granite, marble and other masonry surfaces.  Cleaning out old expansion joints and acid etching concrete can bring your sidewalk or driveway back to life, and it doesn’t cost much.

These are some of the most common masonry restoration service projects we do, but there are several other items that come up.  Get in touch via phone or email to discuss your project, maybe we can help.