Stone Foundation Repairs On Old Barns and Stone House Foundations

We still have thousands of big red barns across the countyside here in Michigan and many of those barns are sitting on field stone foundations that need repaired. If you have a problem with your stone foundation on your barn and your walls need fixed, get in touch. If you have questions maybe I can help.

Here is my email:

I’m a stone mason and I live in northern Michigan. I’ve work all over Michigan in Concrete and Stone. I’ve also done some projects in surrounding states. If you have questions about a problem or project, just send me an email I’d be glad to help.

Michigan Stone Foundation Repairs

Stone foundation repairs are, many times, an inexpensive way to insure your barn or farmhouse from a much more costly repair down the road.  I’ve completely replaced and re-layed stone walls too, that isn’t cheap.  If you see cracking especially horizontal cracking you should consider repairing your stone foundation.  I’ve seen many stone walls in foundations with water and dirt running right in that were only a few hundred dollars to repair so fix your stone foundation before it gets too bad.

Stone Foundation Repair for Barns

Foundation repairs for barns don’t cost a whole lot of money and usually don’t take a lot of time depending on how servere the problems are.  The owners on most repairs I do aren’t concerned with a perfect looking wall and are more concerned about protecting the integrity of the structure this saves a lot of time (and money)  I’ve also worked with owner who had really cool barns that they spend a lot of time in and they wanted to really dress the stone foundation up.  You can do a lot with a stone wall to make it more appealing.



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