Thin Stone Veneers-Real Stone Veneers For Natural Stone Siding


Thin Stone Veneer

Thin Stone Veneer for Siding

Using thin stone veneer as a siding for a new home or even a remodel is possible as many of the natural thin stone veneers don’t require footings to secure them.  Much like cultured stone, thin stone veneer’s can be applied by attaching a wire backing and scratch coat for bonding then simply sticking the stone to the wall with mortar.  The joints are grouted as the last step leaving a unique stone look to your home or cottage.

Michigan Thin Stone Veneers

The advantage to using a thin stone veneer is that it’s a way to use real stone without needing a foundation, this save time and money.  I think it’s an excellent alternative to cultured stone products because it looks much more durable, real, and has a classic stone look to it.  I’ve been a stone and concrete mason in Michigan for over 15 years and I’ve watched this stone product become more and more popular.  Real stone veneers used for siding a house are made by simply cutting cross sections of real field stones in thin layers. Using real stone for your veneer insures that when cracking or chipping occurs it won’t look unsightly.  Cultured stone can look rather poor when it chips, and it will eventually.

Natural Stone Veneer

Another Natural Stone Veneer

Laying thin stone veneers works much like cultured stone except the individual stones need to be supported during the application phase.  If you mix the mortar right, cultured stone can be stuck right to the wall without any problem, real stone veneer weighs more and needs to be secured to the wall more often in my experience.  I’ve seen polished thin stone veneer used here locally in my community and it looks great. It works good with vinyl siding meeting it without any sort of a capstone because of the slim profile of natural stone veneer.  The stone is usually only an inch or so thick.

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  • Mark Sowers September 18, 2014, 6:31 pm

    I am looking for a stone mason to install real stone veneer on my home? Thanks Mark

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      Hello Mark,

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