When Can You Pour Concrete in Michigan~Spring Time Concrete

I got an email the other day and thought I would share the answer publicly here on the website.  One of our visitors asked when it was ok to start pouring concrete in the spring time.  Here in Northern Michigan we still have snow on the ground in March and April but some projects can still be started during this time of year.  I offer my concrete and stone masonry services all year round but some projects are more weather dependant than others.

In order to pour a concrete driveway or concrete floor in Central or Northern Michigan we have to make sure we are pouring on unfrozen ground.  This can be achieved through heating already frozen ground and sometimes we can prevent the ground from freezing by using thermal concrete blankets.  I recommend waiting to pour concrete driveways until the frost has left the ground which puts us will into May around Northern Michigan. If you want quote on a pole barn floor visit our page for that.

Starting a foundation in the winter or spring is usually not a big deal as long as the footers are poured the day of or day after the hole is excavated.  This prevents frost from getting into the soil you will be pouring the concrete on.  We usually pour the footer then lay a few courses of block, install the drain tile and tar the wall then backfill up a couple feet to protect the footer from frost during the rest of the basement or crawl space construction.

Another thing to think about when pouring concrete in the spring are the frost laws.  Each year when the frost is coming out of the roads the road commisioner puts weight restrictions on the roads.  This limits the amount of weight that can drive on the roads and this definately affects concrete mixer trucks.  Class A roads are much more accessable in the early spring and the restrictions have much less effect on a project you may be starting if it is on a class A road.

If you have any other question about pouring concrete in the spring time or wonder when it’s ok to start a concrete project in northern Michigan, feel free to ask in the comments.

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