Why I Like Glass Block Windows in Stone Foundations

Glass Block Window for BasementOver the years I’ve worked on dozens of stone foundations under old farm houses, many of which were basements.  I’d say half of the basements I’ve worked on either didn’t have windows or the window openings were boarded up. A few years ago a customer asked if we could install windows in her basement so I looked into possibilities.  The window openings on this particular stone basement would require a special ordered window, I couldn’t find any the right size at the Lumber yard.  I recalled a foundation I had worked on previously that had glass block windows installed and they were really nice. I ran it by the homeowner and she chose the glass blocks.

Why I like Glass Block Windows in Stone Foundations

There are several reasons I like the Glass Block option when it comes to old stone foundations.  First off the are a high quality option that doesn’t cost a lot.  Another benefit to glass block windows is the security they provide.  I usually use the frosted glass blocks which prevent a person from seeing in your basement.  They are also much harder to break than a traditional window.  Glass blocks come in many different sizes and they can be configured to fit just about any window opening, which is nice on older foundations that don’t have standard window sizes.

If you have a stone basement with windows you probably notice the opening is wrapped with some sort of lumber.  Long ago they didn’t have treated lumber so regular lumber was used and it rots pretty fast.  Usually I can install glass block windows in a stone basement without even using lumber, thus eliminating a material that will just rot and attract bugs.  Another option with glass block is a 8″ x 16″ screened vent that can be opened and closed which is nice for airing out your basement area.

Letting natural light into your basement also makes it seem like less of a “dungeon” and glass blocks are a great, long lasting, good looking way to get that done.  If you would like a quote on getting glass blocks installed in your stone foundation in Michigan or would like a price to get stone foundation repair done, just get in touch, we do good work at an affordable price.

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