Michigan Basement Stone Foundation Repairs and Restoration

“Michigan Basement” is a term used for stone basements oftentimes found in the State of Michigan.  Many times these old basements have a dirt floor and lower than normal ceiling height compared to the modern basement.  Many of the Michigan basements we’ve done stone restoration work on do have concrete floors that have been added more recently.  Pouring a concrete floor in a Michigan basement seems to be one of the most popular upgrades.  Not all old stone foundations are Michigan style basements.  More that 70% of our stone restoration projects are full height stone basement foundations.

Why Repair Your Michigan Stone Basement

There are several reasons to keep up with the repairs on these old Michigan basements, the main one being structural integrity in my opinion.  Once the mortar joints begin to rot and deteriorate we usually see water and soil begin to seep through the stone basement wall.  Soon the exterior soil begins to settle and this just speeds the process of further failure in the foundation.  Repairing an old fieldstone Michigan basement will keep the foundation, and the rest of the home, in tact for years and years to come.  Many of the calls we get are on foundations that have seen very little upkeep over the years, it’s one of those items many homeowners are just unsure of, so they leave it alone.

Cost of Repairing Stone Foundation

It has been extremely rare that I’ve come across a stone basement that can be repaired and the cost is usually much lower than people expect.  Keeping these old stone basementMichigan Stone Basement walls and their mortar joints in good repair is far worth the investment, and compared to poured concrete and block foundations, the cost is usually lower.  Most of the stone foundation repairs we perform don’t require mechanical excavation on the exterior and complete removal of the walls is seldom done, these both help to keep costs down.

When to Repair Your Michigan Stone Basement

The best time to make the decision to get your old Michigan basement repaired if before the walls themselves start to shift, move or fall down.  Homeowners who get the repairs done when the walls are still mostly in place and standing save a lot of money.  Repairing the old rotten joints helps to keep critters and water from running into your basement, making it wet and smelly. If you’ve been thinking of having your Michigan basement repaired, you should learn more about the process on the stone foundation repair page.

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