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Drawing of A Crawl Space Foundation

If you plan on building a house or garage in Michigan you’ll need a foundation that protects your building from frost that occurs here during the winter.  Most areas around the nation don’t require frost free foundations or crawl space foundations but build with what is called a slab on grade foundation.  Besides the fact that it’s a requirement for Mid Michigan foundations a crawl space under your home is handy for several reasons, one of the main one being an area to install and maintain your plumbing and electrical system.  It’s also a lot easier to do a remodel when you can access the foundation area of a house.  Most foundations in the mid Michigan area are constructed with either cement blocks or poured concrete, though some people use treated wood as their choice for foundation material.  Many older home have a stone foundations, we are also a company that repairs stone foundations here in the central Michigan area.

Crawl Space Foundations in Michigan

A crawl space foundation contractor in Michiganwill first install a footing, also called footer, which is 16 inches wide and 8″ thick around the perimeter of the house, garage or other structure that requires a crawl space foundation.  Cement blocks, which are 8″ wide, are then layed accurately with the outside dimensions of the foundation correlating with the exact dimensions of you build.  Most crawl space foundations are 5 or 6 courses of blocks high

Crawl Space Foundation Contractor

Completed Crawl Space Foundation

with also measures around 48 inches depending on the number of courses.  The depth of the bottom of footing in the mid Michigan area is 42″.  Crawl space foundations are typically lined with 2″ Styrofoam as a frost barrier and for insulation. Vents are also installed to prevent dampness in your crawl space.  The final step when we build a crawl space foundation is to install the sill plate which is a treated 2×8 that lays flat along the top of your foundation wall.  The is the board that your floor joists will be fastened to.

Crawl Space Foundations for Modular Homes in Michigan

Crawl space foundations for modular homes in Michigan are constructed much the same way as they are with a stick built structure.  Modular home foundation contractors will also be the ones who install the steel beams that extend across the crawl space.  The construction of a modular home crawl space will usually take  2-5 days depending on the size of the foundation.  Modular home foundation companies in mid Michigan will want a good copy of the foundation drawing for proper size in beam placement.

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