Save Money Doing Stone Foundation Repairs in the Winter

Supply and demand affects most every business whether it be a manufacturing business or a service business.  I’ve been doing stone foundation repairs on old Michigan basements and stone basment wall repair barns for many years and each year the trend has remained the same as far as when people want them done.  Around the middle of May each year I start getting calls and emails and notes from my website about getting foundation work done.  The winter thaw often makes for a wet basement which is why some people get in touch for sure, but another reason is probably because people don’t realize the repairs can be done during the winter months.  I like to let people know they can save some money by choosing to get their stone walls repaired during the winter months.

Saving Money on Stone Wall Repairs

The reason is pretty simple, there are far fewer people who get them done in the winter and I don’t like being bored.  There is nothing better to fight off cabin fever than doing a stone project in January or February.  If you have an old Michigan basement with crumbling mortar joints or falling stone it is probably above freezing down there.  Most basements are.  Often time I will do the interior stone wall repairs in the dead of winter then come back in the spring and address any exterior issues.  I would guess I charge 10% to 20% less on stone projects I am able to do in the winter.

Stone Basement Walls and Barn Foundations

Old barn foundations, which are usually basements can also be done during the winter months in Michigan.  Many people don’t realize that most barns stay around 35-40 degrees during the winter and that is perfect weather for the mortar joints to cure properly.  So if you’ve been kicking around the idea of getting a stone wall or foundation repaired, consider getting a quote to have it done in the winter, you’ll save some cash.


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